Conservatory Roof Replacement Worthing

Conservatory Roof Replacement Service in Worthing

Is your conservatory roof looking old and dirty? Does it make the room incredibly hot in the warmer months and unusable in the cooler months? If this is the the case then you probably have a glass or polycarbonate roof. There is a simple and cost-effective solution for this without the need for tearing down your existing conservatory and building a new one from scratch.

Vision Conservatory Roofs install solid, tiled roof systems on all styles of conservatories. These solid roofs offer a whole host of benefits that rectify the usual issues associated with glass or polycarbonate roofs. Based near Worthing in West Sussex, we have replaced roofs on Victorian conservatories, Edwardian conservatories, Lean To conservatories, and many other styles of conservatories. As experts in replacement roofs, we can take care of any project quickly and efficiently, leaving you with a transformed conservatory on both the inside and outside! 

Why do I need a Solid, Tiled Conservatory Roof?

  • Save money - Due to enhanced insulation you spend less money on energy bills
  • Transform the look of your conservatory - Modernise the exterior and interior with a new stylish roof
  • No time wasted on cleaning - Glass roofs require constant cleaning and often still look streaky and dirty. Solid roofs are extremely low maintenance
  • Read and watch TV in peace - A solid roof removes the constant glare from the sun (stylish roof windows mean the space remains beautifully light) and no more noise from the rain bashing down on the glass.

Each new roof installation from Vision comes with a 10 year guarantee and our team are fully insured. Roof windows can be placed within your roof at points of your choosing to ensure there is no loss of light.

How much does a new conservatory roof cost?

We can provide a free quote in two different ways. Firstly, you can email us the dimensions of your existing conservatory and its roof - we can then work out a price for you and send it to you online. Alternatively, we can a arrange a free site survey where we will visit your property, discuss different options, and provide you with a free written quote.

There are many companies now offering replacement roofs so why choose Vision Conservatory Roofs? Well, what makes us stand out from the crowd, alongside our exceptional workmanship, is the fact we take care of everything. From removing and disposing of your old roof to plastering the interior once installed. Cutting out the middle man means we can cut costs and make the installation far cheaper than our competitors. It also means you do not have to worry about coordinating different trades.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Worthing
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