Replacement Conservatory Roofs

Conservatory Roofs

We understand there are many common frustrations that mean your conservatory does not get used all year round. You may find it is too cold to use in Winter and too hot to use in Summer, or perhaps your conservatory magnifies wind and rain sounds, making it impossible to relax in. A new conservatory roof will allow you to comfortably use your conservatory all year round.

Why should I replace my roof?

A new conservatory roof is an energy saving solution as it provides up to 8 times more insulation than a regular glass or polycarbonate roof. Unlike translucent roofs, A Vision Conservatory roof will reduce glare and brightness, allowing you to read, watch TV and use your computer in your conservatory. A new roof may raise the value of your property as it allows you to create extra living space to use all year round, rather than just a few days. You will no longer have a transparent, glass roof meaning more privacy for you and any loss of light can be easily replaced with roof windows.

Traditional glass conservatory roofs have a limited life expectancy and can deteriorate relatively quickly. They also need regular cleaning to keep them looking spot-free. Your roof requires little to no maintenance and remains looking as good as new. There will be no direct UV sunlight rays which can bleach your furniture or furnishings, and also leave your room temperature at a comfortable level.

Replace your conservatory roof and enjoy a new lease of life to your living space. Gain another reception room, at the fraction of the cost of an extension. For a perfect living space which provides more privacy, insulation and no maintenance – contact us today for your free quote.

Flat Roofs

We are also experts in flat roofing, perfect for garages, extensions and porch roofs. We offer GRP Roofs (Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic) which is an effective alternative for conventional flat roofing, i.e layer felt or asphalt. Older flat roofing systems only have a short life whereas a GRP flat roof is guaranteed for a minimum of 30 years and requires virtually no maintenance.

GRP roofs are classed as an eco-roof due to their longer lasting properties and fewer materials needing to be manufactured – therefore having a lesser impact on the environment. A GRP roof finish is second to none, with its seamless finish and colour range, we are certain you will be more than happy with the final result.

Whether it is flat roofing or a conservatory roof you are looking for, we are bound to have a solution which suits you. We are proud to offer professional service which cannot be matched elsewhere. Get in touch today for more information or for your free quote.