Conservatory Roof Replacement Berkshire

Professional Conservatory Roof Replacements

If your conservatory causes you far more hassle than enjoyment - consider a roof replacement. Many people find that with glass or polycarbonate roofs - they require a significant amount of ongoing maintenance. They can leak, and often look dirty. There is a lack of insulation meaning that heat is easily lost, leaving conservatories often the wrong temperature to be enjoyed throughout the year.

We can replace your conservatory roof with an energy efficient tiled roofing system which will sort out all of these issues and leave you with a modern and practical living space.

To see some of our finished projects, take a look through our gallery. We install stylish roofs with beautiful, customisable double glazed roof windows which ensure there is no loss of light when transforming to a solid roof.

Tiled Conservatory Roofs - What are the advantages?

  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased insulation properties
  • Modernise your home
  • Low maintenance
  • Little cleaning required
  • Little noise from the outside
  • Far more cost-effective than a new conservatory or extension
  • Fast installation process

Vision Conservatory Roofs

Vision Conservatory Roofs are a small business who specialise in all things conservatories. As well as conservatory roof replacements, we offer new conservatory builds and a roof refurbishment and repair service for all conservatories. Our team work across Berkshire, ensuring every client is more than happy with their final product. We carry out all aspects of our service in house, allowing us to deliver the most competitive prices available.

A roof replacement for your conservatory in Berkshire offers a noticeable home improvement project with many benefits. It takes as little as 7 days to complete including removing and disposing your old roof. All of our installations come with a 10 year guarantee and we are fully insured for your peace of mind.

For your free quote, please email us images of your conservatory and the dimensions of your conservatory. Or give us a call on 0800 612 7681 to discuss your requirements.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Berkshire
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