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Do You Need Planning Permission to Change a Conservatory Roof?

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Conservatories can be wonderful additions to your home. They give you an extra living space, more light and are a wonderful bridge between the home and the garden.

To extend the practical use of your conservatory, a solid conservatory roofing system can make a huge difference.

The Problems with Polycarbonate and Glass Conservatory Roofs

Typical conservatory roofs are made from polycarbonate or glass, and these are not well insulated materials, which can essentially make the conservatory feel hotter or colder, depending on the weather whereas.

  • The problem with conservatories is that their use can often feel limited by the seasons, where the hot sun can make the room feel far too hot and winter can make the space feel unbearably cold!
  • They aren’t very resistant to sounds, so even rain can feel incredibly loud from within the conservatory.
  • Speaking of rain, these type of conservatory roofs can easily cause leaks.
  • The glass and polycarbonate roofs can let so much sun in that the space can feel far too hot and any furniture can be bleached, and plants can be scorched.

The Benefits of Upgrading from a Standard Polycarbonate or Glass Roof to a Solid Conservatory Roof

A solid conservatory roof is made from tiles or panels which have many benefits over using glass or polycarbonate roofs:

  • A replacement solid conservatory roof from Vision Conservatory Roofs can give you as much as 8 times more insulation than an average conservatory roof.
  • The solid conservatory roof can create a much more attractive look to the outside of your home.
  • They can help reduce the cost of your energy bills because they are more thermally efficient.
  • Installation is fast compared to many home improvements (Only about a week).

Do I Need to Make an Application to the Council for a New Conservatory Roof?


When having any building work done to your property it is useful to know if any official applications need to be carried out with the council or other bodies. The main things to consider are whether you need the Planning Department or Building Control to be involved. However, if you do, we will put the application in on your behalf and deal with any inspections.

Do I need to Put in a Planning Permission Application for a Replacement Conservatory Roof?

If you alter a polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof to a solid, tiled roof, that can be thought of as a more permanent structure. However, most conservatory roof replacement is considered to be ‘permitted development’ which means you won’t need to submit an application for Planning Permission. We will however check on your behalf if an application for Planning Permission is required. Some special exclusions can mean you will, for example, if your property is in a conservation area or a listed building. If you do need it, we will take care of the whole process with your local planning authority.

Will I Need to Submit a Building Regulations Application (AKA do you need Building Regulation Approval)?

Though you don’t need Planning Permission, you may need to comply with Building Control and the Building Regulations. However, if you have doors between your home and your conservatory, that is considered a 'thermal break' and you won't need a Building Regulations application. For more information, contact Vision Conservatory Roofs and we can talk you through the easy installation process.

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