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Conservatory Roof Replacements in Southwick

Welcome to Vision Conservatory Roofs.

Fed up with your conservatory leaking? Maybe your conservatory feels constantly cold in the winter months and you're tired of spending extra money on energy bills? A solid conservatory roof replacement could be just the answer. Our team of roofing experts remove existing conservatory roofs and install high quality tiled roofing systems on all styles of conservatories. Working across Southwick, West Sussex and the surrounding areas, our family run team complete projects within 7 days and we offer affordable pricing with exceptional levels of workmanship.

Where as glass and polycarbonate roofs suffer from poor insulation, a solid roof from Vision offers up to 8 times more insulation and visibly reduces your energy bills. Not only this, it can completely revitalise the look of your conservatory and offers endless design choices with different coloured tiles and stylish roof windows.

To see the standard of our work please take some time to browse our online gallery - here you can see the difference a new roof makes! 

Solid, Tiled Roofs

Here are some of the benefits offered by choosing to install a solid conservatory roof from Vision: 

  • Energy bills reduced due to exceptional thermal efficiency
  • 8 times more insulation than a glass or polycarbonate roof
  • Updates the inside and outside of your living space
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Affordable home improvement with a big impact
  • Fast installation times - less than 7 days
  • Customisable options with different Tapco tiles & stylish roof windows

Vision Conservatory Roofs

Our family run team are experts in all things conservatories. From roof repairs to roof installations to brand new conservatory builds. We have many years of experience in the building industry and are fully insured for peace of mind. All conservatory roof installations are accompanied by a 10 year guarantee and we work hard to ensure every customer receives the highest standards of workmanship at the most affordable prices.

If you would like a FREE quote, please get in touch to arrange a home visit. For an instant quote please send us images of your conservatory with its dimensions.

Conservatory Roof Replacement
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