Conservatory Roof Replacement Brockenhurst

Replacement Conservatory Roofs

A conservatory can be a stunning addition to your home, giving you and your family extra space to enjoy in any way you please. However, many conservatories are left abandoned as they are considered an uncomfortable temperature throughout Summer and Winter when they are either too hot or too cold. This is due to the fact that the conservatory roofs are often made from either polycarbonate or glass which both have poor insulation properties. A replacement solid, tiled roof transforms the room into space that can be used during any season - making it one of the most cost effective home improvements you can undertake.

Vision Conservatory Roofs is made up of an experienced team who are considered experts in all things conservatory! We work throughout the South East providing roof replacements, refurbishments and even building entire conservatories. Taking care of the double glazing, doors and windows for your new conservatory. We are very proud to have quickly build an outstanding reputation, always prioritising the customer and their needs and budget. We offer high quality results at affordable prices. If you are not sure what service would suit you best, we are more than happy to advise when you get in touch. All of our installations come with a 10 year guarantee, which gives you an idea of the level of quality we produce.

Why Should I Replace My Conservatory Roof?

Although a new conservatory roof is not vital, it offers a number of benefits which make it a worthwhile choice. It adds additional value to your home, which can pay off when it comes to selling your property. It also modernises not only the look of your conservatory, but the look of your whole property. The thermal performance of the room is completely transformed, keeping it at a comfortable temperature all year round which in turn makes it an energy saving solution - saving you money on your heating bills! There is no longer any irritating sun rays coming into the conservatory which can cause a distraction. What's more - you no longer have to worry about the hassle of cleaning your conservatory roof! A solid roof is completely maintenance free.

Many people panic that when their transparent roof is removed, the light will go along with it. However, this is not the case! We can install modern roof windows which still allow plenty of light into the room. A solid roof is also far more durable than a standard glass or polycarbonate roof.

Conservatory Roof Prices - Get Your Online Quote

For more space in your home and less cleaning your conservatory - choose a replacement roof with Vision! Our service can be carried out in very little time and cause little disruption to your home.

For your free quote or to discuss our service further, please just give us a call on 0800 612 7681 or fill in the form at the top of this page. You can even send us images of your conservatory with dimensions an start your quote there and then.

Conservatory Roof Replacement Brockenhurst
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