Conservatory Roof Replacement Guildford

Conservatory Roof Replacement in Guildford

In the Summer, is your conservatory too hot to relax in? In the Winter, is your conservatory too cold to be used? If this sounds familiar, then a replacement conservatory roof may be just what you are looking for. It transforms your existing conservatory into space for you to enjoy all year round.

At Vision Conservatory Roofs we are experienced in tiled conservatory roof systems - both replacement and refurbishments. If you are not sure on which option suits your conservatory, we are happy to advise you further.

We supply and install fully insulated, lightweight tiled conservatory roofs which are remarkably thermally efficient and require no maintenance. They are a modern option, transforming your conservatory and very rarely require building regulations. We can also offer comprehensive roof repairs for your conservatory.

We are a hardworking, dedicated team offering our services throughout East Sussex. We have years of experience in the industry and have built up a fantastic reputation for providing superb service and always putting the customer first. All of our conservatory roofs come with a 10 year guarantee - to assure that our tiled roofs are of the highest quality. We use state of the art equipment and top quality products to ensure the highest quality finish.

Enhanced Conservatory Insulation

There are plenty of advantages to replacing your polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof. One of the most vital advantages is the fact that a replacement tiled roof is extremely energy saving.

Our tiled conservatory roofs are up to 8 times more insulated than a standard polycarbonate or glass roof. Our roofs completely remove the glare of UV rays, allowing you to watch TV or read a book without any sun rays blocking your view. Many clients worry about the loss of light when the transparent roof is removed. But no natural light is usually lost due to the fact that we can supply you with stunning, double glazing roof windows.

A new conservatory roof can modernise your conservatory and your property. It gives your property a contemporary look and adds value to your home. It has enhanced thermal performance properties which makes it a comfortable living space all year round. It is similar to adding an extension to your home without the extra costs!

If you have a traditional glass roof on your conservatory, you may find that it deteriorates quickly and has a short life expectancy. You may also find they need regular cleaning. Our replacement roof systems are durable and require no maintenance. So you can sit back, relax and enjoy the extra space!

How much is a new conservatory solid roof?

For a high quality replacement roof on your existing conservatory simply contact us for a free quote using the form above or give us a call on 0800 612 7681. To view some of our previous work, please view our gallery. We cover Guildford and the South East.

Extend the space in your home with a replacement conservatory roof.

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