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Conservatory Roof Replacement Gravesend

Conservatory Roof Replacement in Gravesend, Kent

If you have a conservatory in your home, you may find that it is unusable throughout the year because it is the wrong temperature. Many people find that with their polycarbonate or glass roofed conservatory, they are an uncomfortable temperature (too hot or too cold) throughout the year. A replacement solid roof will keep the room at a comfortable temperature all year round. It extends your living space, giving you every advantage of an extension but without the huge costs.

We are Vision Conservatory Roofs, your conservatory roofing company - local experts in roof replacements. We offer insulated, lightweight tiled roofs which update your home and bring your conservatory up to date. Unlike dated conservatories, replacement solid roofs require little to no maintenance. Our experienced team have years in the building industry, giving us the knowledge to provide worthwhile and trusted advice on what option would suit you best.

High Quality Roof Replacements

Replacing your roof can transform the exterior and interior of your home. We are proud of the reputation we have built for providing high quality results to all of our clients. We are all about customer service and customising our service to suit you. All of our roofs come with a 10 year guarantee which shows the quality of our results. We also offer roof repairs and roof refurbishments if these services are more suitable for you.

Roof Replacement Benefits

Here are some of the benefits to replacing your conservatory roof:

  • Save money - Save money on your energy bills with a solid roof. They are 8 times more insulated than a polycarbonate or glass roof.
  • Modernise your home - Update your home and conservatory with a contemporary looking solid roof.
  • Comfortable temperature all year round - Keep your conservatory cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter with a solid replacement roof with it's insulation benefits.
  • Durable - Solid roofs are a lot more resilient than polycarbonate or glass roofs and require far less maintenance, need for repair or cleaning!
  • No UV rays - A replacement roof means less UV rays which enter through the roof and windows which make watching TV or reading a book difficult.

How much is a new Conservatory Roof?

For any further information, advice or for your free, no obligation quote on our services, please either complete the form at the top of the page or call us on 0800 612 7681. We offer free site surveys - please just get in touch. To see some of our previous work, please look through our gallery.

Conservatory roof replacement
Solid tiled conservatory roof