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Beautiful Solid Roofs

If you have a glass or polycarbonate conservatory roof, you may notice some unpleasant disadvantages. Your conservatory may continuously look dirty no matter how often you clean it, and it may be unbearably hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. There is a simple solution to all of these troubles - a new solid conservatory roof! A more cost-effective solution to a new conservatory.

Vision Conservatory Roofs supply and install solid roofing systems for all conservatories. These host a whole load of benefits which counteract all of the negatives from your previous roof. We take care of the project quickly and to your exact requirements. We can transform your conservatory externally and internally!

What are the benefits to a roof replacement?

  • Save money on your energy bills due to enhanced insulation properties
  • Modernise your conservatory and your home
  • Low maintenance due to no need for constant cleaning
  • Removes any irritating glare from the sun
  • No noise from rain

All of our replacement roof installations come with a 10 year guarantee. Our team are fully insured. We can install some beautiful roof windows to ensure there is no loss of light when your roof is replaced.

Get Your Free Quote

We can provide you with a free quote! You can email us the dimensions of your conservatory as well as a photograph and we can email you an estimated price. Alternatively, we can visit your property and discuss different options with you and then provide you with your free quote.

We are very proud to offer an exceptional standard of workmanship and customer service. We take care of everything in-house, which makes our prices more affordable. We will remove and dispose of your old roof included in your quoted price.

Please email us at or give us a call at 0800 612 7681.

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